"The church is a community, a society, a people who sustain a peculiar relationship to God and to one another in Christ. The church is a community of people whose hope is in the redeeming work of Jesus Christ. [Her] life is dependent upon the presence of the living Lord, through the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit."

This is a brief overview of our beliefs. We at Community Presbyterian Church of Clewiston receive our guidance from the Bible, Presbyterian Book of Confessions, and the Session.  To receive more detailed reviews of our beliefs and the structure click on the provided links.  

We are called to remember that we are dependents of God, and serve him in communities around the world. We show our love and obedience to God by loving our neighbors. We seek to be prayerful people that spread the word of God to the world.  We faithfully seek God’s will through our study of scripture.  

We partake of only two Sacraments which are Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. The Sacraments enable faith to grow, Show that the Holy Spirit is at Work in in the lives of believers, and make Christ real in the lives of believers. The Sacraments are Signs and Seals of God’s work in our lives.  

While differences of belief and opinion do exist within our denomination, we are guided by the Bible and our Book of Confessions. Governing authority is placed primarily in elected laypersons known as elders. The elders of a local congregation are called a session. Several sessions constitute a local synod which in turn is collectively known as a General Assembly to govern the entire denomination. Elders and ministers who serve in governing bodies are called presbyters.

               Community Presbyterian Church was the first church in Clewiston.  When the church was first established April 1, 1927 it was simple called Community Church.  Community Church was a non-denominational church. Services were held in a one room school room built after the 1926 washed the first school house away. When the brick school house was erected in 1928 the church bought the one room school house and moved it to Royal Palm Ave.  

                As the only house of worship in town it was used by other denominations wishing to hold their own services. Catholics were the first to hold services here until the completion of their own St. Margaret’s Church in 1931. Episcopal and Methodist also used this church for their services during organizational periods.

                The first entirely new building was constructed on this property in 1950, the corner stone laying ceremony being held on Easter Sunday April 9th, 1950. It was at this time Presbyterian was added to the name of the church.  The Sunday school wing was added in 1955. It was at this time the old school house building was torn down due to an infestation of termites.

              At present Community Presbyterian Church spreads the word of Christ through out our community.  We try to support our community thru Compassion Avenue in which we provide food to those that have fell on hard times. We also provide support that is needed in other part of the world with mission trips. By supporting our community and the communities abroad we help spread the word of Christ. 

                In our future we would like to provide more services to our community. We are excited to work with those in our community to extend a healing hand and help to grow and expand the love of Christ with in this community and abroad. We are hopeful in expanding our reach into the community that it will bring everyone closer together and offer support to those that needs it.