This page is designed to help you understand our beliefs in more detail. These links are a good place to start to better understand the structure and beliefs of Community Presbyterian Church. As Presbyterians we are guided by Faith, Holy Bible, and The Book of Confessions.  We area very diverse denomination and may not always see eye to eye. This how ever brings us closer together in a family like bond. Below you will find what we believe in.
Infant Baptism
The Book of Confessions
Four Understandings of How Humans Receive Salvation in the History of Christianity
The Holy Spirit
The Liturgical Year
Who Was and Is Jesus
How Does One Become a Presbyterian Minister
The PC(USA) Seal
Sin and Salvation
Social Issues
What Makes Presbyterians Unique?
What is Presbyterian Worship Like?
What does it mean to be ordained?
Who Are We as Presbyterians
Another way to learn about Presbyterian Beliefs is to study the catechisms approved by the 210th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  For those of you unfamiliar with the term, catechisms are summaries of the principles of the Christian faith, in a question and answer format (a centuries-old version of the FAQ). 


Here is the text of a booklet produced by the Office of the General Assembly which explains the foundational principles of Presbyterian Church governance. It is a very good overview and summary of Presbyterian polity.

Chapter 1 - Historic Understandings 
Chapter 2 - The Church and Its Mission 
Chapter 3 - Its Unity and Relationships 
Chapter 4 - The Church and Its Members 
Chapter 5 - The Church and Its Officers
Chapter 6 - The Particular Church 
Chapter 7 - Governing Bodies 
Chapter 8 - Reform by Amendment